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With the travel company Above Borders, you gain acces to the worlds most isolated countries from a new angle. An angle which often differs from the side which is tolde by the media. When you travel with Above Borders you will get an excting and thorough experience about the destination, learn about the culture, be able to make your own opinion about the countries community – and most important of all: You will get a life time experience which you will never forget. Travel safe at one of our expert programmes.

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Kommende rejser

“Above Borders har really arranged a brilliant tour. Everything was carefully planned and the time schedule was held – there was even added more to the itinerary during the days we were there. It is really awesome to experience a country which is that closed for the rest of the world and have the oppourtunity to create your own opinion regarding all the stories you hear about the country.  It was at least an eye opener for me. A tour to North Korea can for sure be recommended!”

Gustav Trampe, Easter tour to North Korea

“Incredible amazing experience which showed North Korea from a whole new angle which at the same time starts makes your mind wonder about a world far away from my own life in Denmark. The tour was really well planned with a lot of exciting experiences, good food and interaction with the local north koreans. An experience for life!”

Travel to North Korea tramCasper Wiklund, Autumn tour to North Korea

“An amazing tour I would gladly recommend! The tour was really well organized and every detail was carefully planned, so that the particpants could enjoy the itinerary to the fullest. It was an experience for life and I hope I can revisit the country another time.

Travel to North KoreaTheresa Jepsen, Autumn tour to North Korea

“Amazing tour, and I would love to go again. Great hotel with everything the heart desires, great food, a lot of new amazing experiences and new acquaintances. We had the sweetest guides which made sure that nothing missed and made sure we were in good and safe hands!”

Tour to North KoreaAnna Mikkelsen, Autumn tour to North Korea

“The platinum-star has been secured through a five star review. A very beautiful tour, with extra ordinary experiences and a very humorous and engaged tour leader Jonas. I would fore sure recommend a tour – if you plan to stay more days in China than planned, the skip Dandong and settle with only the one day/night in Dandong as the itinerary suggests.”

Mikkel Dragemose-Hansen, Easter tour to North Korea

Unique travels shows you the world from new angles and gives you experiences for life

Receive a travel experience for life as our previous particpiants

Tailor made programmes

Are you a group, a class or an union who want a tailor made programme or doest our current tours not fit to your schedule, Above Borders can coordinate a tour fullfilling your needs. Above Borders is a travel company which highly value planning our programmes to give our particpants new insights and amazing experiences, and we can fore sure arrange an itinerary which will fullfill your needs.

Travel company with different destinations

Above Borders is not a regulary travel company, and therefore we do not have regulary travel destinations. We carefully choose our destinations based on the people, the culture and the history in the country. No matter the destination, you can therefore be sure that Above Borders have ensured a different destination and itinerary compared to your regular tour.

The experienced tour leader of the travel company

Tour leader Jonas Bang Andersen

Since his first tour to North Korea in 2015 has Jonas Bang Andersen – Who is the owner of the travel company and tour leader – understood the importance of obtaining knowledge and learn more about the world. Jonas believed that the best way to learn about a new country is by travelling there. That is exactly why he arranges travels to North Korea and other unique destinations. On his travels to North Korea has Jonas visited two different middle schools, a north korean agriculture, a north korean university, DMZ (one of the worlds most intest military areas), received dancing lessons at a north korean children palace, been to the top of Juche Tower and much much more.

Jonas has been to North Korea several times as both a private person and with his travel company, held several presentations about North Korea and told about his experiences in radio and television. Therefore Jonas is one of Denmarks most experienced tour leaders when the tour goes to North Korea and isolated countries.

Travelpresentation about North Korea

Besides the tours that the travel company Above Borders arranges, we love to share our previous experiences. That is why Jonas gladly will join your union, business, school or similar and tells his personal anecdotes from his many travels to North Korea. You will experience an presentation, which can both enlighten and entertain, while the audience is beeing kept engaged through Jonas’ present narrative style.

Stories from the travel company

At Above Borders, we believe the best way to experience and learn more about the world is to travel there. However, we do understand that you can not be travelling all the time, and we understand that you still want to have your travel eager settled while you are at home, or that you want to find inspiration for your next tour. Therefore you can, until you join us for our next tour, read stories from our previous travels to unique destinations.